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The Oklahoma Celtic  Academy Club Training schedule will allow for more flexible team training as well as create an opportunity for Academy players to receive extra training outside of team sessions. All Skill sessions are included in training fees and are optional to all players.
The dates and times of Club Training sessions and Academy Skill sessions will be communicated out each season.
Normal team training will be held Monday and Thursday (this may differ depending on coaches schedule). Skill sessions will be a 6 week period held on Tuesday's. Times will be scheduled and communicated by coaches.


Academy Team Training & Skills Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Thursday
5pm - 6pm Team Training Academy Skills Team Training
6pm - 7pm Team Training Academy Skills Team Training
7pm - 8pm Team Training Team Training

Floating Players

To have a more unified age group experience, players will have the chance to float teams based on progress and other factors. The floating system is in place to take players out of their comfort zone and experience different coaches/teams.

Players will have a set team, but may be asked to train for a week, play a league game, or attend a tournament with a different team in their age group.

This system is in place to broaden the experience of our academy players, reward them for progress, or help them gain confidence.