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Competitive Financial Information

The competitive division of Oklahoma Celtic has a commitment level for parents and players of both time and money. Parents can expect expenses paid directly to the club for coaching fees, referee fee, etc. Plus team fees to cover tournaments, coach expenses (per diem, motel expenses, mileage), and miscellaneous expenses. There will be two practices a week for each team during the school year and games/tournaments on the weekend locally, in state, and out of state. Club Fees are paid monthly online by credit/debit card ONLY. When you register your child in the competitive program online, you will need to attach a form of payment listed above. If you do not have a credit/debit card, you will need to purchase a reloadable credit card in order to be billed each month. Below is a breakdown for parents of expected expenses for the upcoming year.

Please read all information on this page concerning the financial obligations of a competitive player and parents. After ID camps on June 1-3, all players chosen for teams must register online to be placed on rosters for the 2017/18 competitive season. The registration fee is $230-$75.00 for spring, $75.00 for fall, and $80 for last month coaching fees to be paid upon registering. U11 players will be $295 (this will include custom hoops jersey).

You may apply for scholarships for the monthly club fees, but they do not include the team fees or uniforms. IF YOU need special assistance registering, you may come into the office during tryout times and someone will be available to help you. 

Club Expenses

Each competitive player will pay a registration fee of $150.00 ($75 fall /$75 spring) and club fee of $800 ($80 paid at tryouts) for coaching salaries, insurance fee, etc. We offer several options:

  1. Annual fee-Pay $720 in August for the year.
  2. Bi-Annual fee-Pay $360 in August and $360 in January 3.
  3. Monthly fee-Pay a monthly club fee of $80 per month August-April.

All fees are due on the first of the month-by credit card or debit card attached to their player registration.

How to update/view my player's payment information

Team Expenses

Each team will attend tournaments locally and out of state depending on coach and team decisions. Each player will need to pay their share of tournament entry fee expenses, coach expenses (motel, mileage, per diem), and miscellaneous expenses (goalie gloves, practice balls). If a player cannot attend a tournament, he/she is responsible for their share of the these fees. Failure to pay team fees can result in player being suspended by their team until their fees are caught up. Each team also pays a field maintenance fee of $500 per season (high school age U15 and up excluded for spring) due in August and January. Each team and coach is based upon the participation of all team members and failure to pay or show up for practices and events places an undue burden upon the remaining players and families.

FEE BREAKDOWN-all fees divided between team members

OPC/NPL League $500 (depending on age and level) per season

Tournament fees $500 or more per team per tournament

Field Maintenance Fee $500 per team per season

Coach Mileage $0.50 per mile

Coach Per Diem $35 per day

Coach Hotel $100 per night (varies according to location/taxes)

Uniform Expenses

UNIFORMS FOR 2017-2018 SEASON-Available online at (except for custom hoops)

Required uniforms:
Game Jerseys: hoops (custom), black
Game Shorts: white, black
Game Socks: white, black

Practice Kit-Required black estro training jersey , black short, black socks

Warm-ups: Black condivo 16 training top and pant

Back Pack



Players will incur tryout ($295), club ($720), team fees (year estimate $600), uniforms ($305) for a total of $1,920. This does not include travel expenses for the parents/family for hotels, meals, or gasoline etc for tournaments

SCHOLARSHIP FORM Please read all information below.Click here for Form

A limited number of scholarships are available-please download this form and drop off at the office by the last day out tryouts. All applicants will be informed by email if they qualified for a full, partial, or denied a scholarship for the upcoming year. AGAIN this does not cover any team expenses or uniform costs and you must be registered online with a form of payment attached. If awarded a scholarship (full, partial, or none), your online account will be edited to reflect the new balance owed to the club each month. Scholarship players will pay reduced rate for club fees ex: Full pay $40/$80 for fall $40/$80 for spring   Partial pay $150 to register for year and $40 per month.  The hoops jersey will be provided to each scholarship player-it must be surrendered to the club if the player withdraws from the program.

ALL SCHOLARSHIP PLAYERS/PARENTS will be required to volunteer hours to the NYSA club. These hours will be assigned and tracked the NYSA office for events concerning our club ex: Our in-house tournaments: Classic Cup, Soccerfest, Orangeleaf Academy, or May Madness or any event hosted by NYSA such as a raffle, registration, field marshaling for recreational games or promotion. Failure to complete your volunteer hours will make players ineligible for future scholarships from the club. Events will not prevent player from participating with their individual team activities. Full scholarships will volunteer 8 hours and partial scholarships will volunteer 4 hours per year.

Any player leaving the competitive program will complete a drop form provided by their manager in order to stop automatic billing of their account.

WITHDRAWAL FROM COMPETITIVE (CLICK HERE) The withdrawal fee for a competitive player move to another club is $150. All fees due to the club and team must be paid before release of player to leave/transfer from our club.  The following is required from parents before billing will be discontued.

1.  Withdrawal from competitive team-Parent will submit the above form to the NYSA office.  After all team fees are covered, NYSA will discontinue monthly billing-we reserve 30 days to complete this transaction and the process begins once the paperwork is received in the NYSA office. It is 100% responsibility of the PARENT OR PLAYER not the coach/manager to initiate this process and refunds will not be retroactive.  Withdrawal at the beginning of the season, the player will forfeit their registration fee ($230 or $150) to the club since all coach pay is based on this initial enrollment numbers.

2.  Transferring to another club-Unless a player is physically moving from the OKC metro area (proof required), the player will submit a withdrawal form and a transfer form .  The NYSA office upon receipt of withdrawl form will clear team fees, however, billing from Celtic will not cease until the transfer form with $150 check is turned into the office.  Celtic will then release the player to another club.



Fundraising for teams/players on teams

Many teams will fundraise to cover an individual event (tournament) or to allow players to assist in funding their individual accounts.  NO fundraising monies will be given to players who withdraw or transfer to another team with NYSA.  These funds were raised to support a team and donors/sponsors acknowledge this when making a donation.  Only funds provided by parents themselves will be available for refund after all team expenses which have already been billed thru the team account are paid in full.