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Recreational Information


FALL Recreational Registration

Online Registration is open Monday, July 10th.

Walk in Registration is open Monday, July 31st-August 16th

Scholarships available Monday, July 31st- Friday, August 11th.

Scholarship Deadline: Friday,  August 11th.

Friendship Form/Team Player Registration Deadline: Wednesday, August 9th

Buddy Form Deadline: Wednesday, August 16th.

​U4-U19 Recreational Deadline: Wednesday, August 16th

As a reminder, please use individual usernames and passwords when registering. Family accounts will not allow you to fully register your players and may cause registration errors in the future.

Thank You, NYSA Staff


Age Chart for 2017-2018

  Age Chart


U4-(2014 Player) Born 1/1/14-12/31/14 Register Here
U5-(2013 Player) Born 1/1/13-12/31/13 Register Here
U6-(2012 Player) Born 1/1/12-12/31/12 Register Here
U7-(2011 Player) Born 1/1/11-12/31/11 Register Here
U8-(2010 Player) Born 1/1/10-12/31/10 Register Here
U9-(2009 Player) Born 1/1/09-12/31/09 Register Here
U10-(2008 Player) Born 1/1/08-12/31/08 Register Here
U11-(2007 Player) Born 1/1/07-12/31/07 Register Here
U12-(2006 Player) Born 1/1/06-12/31/06 Register Here
U13-(2005 Player) Born 1/1/05-12/31/05 Register Here
U14-(2004 Player) Born 1/1/04-12/31/04 Register Here
U15-(2003 Player) Born 1/1/03-12/31/03 Register Here
U16-(2002 Player) Born 1/1/02-12/31/02 Register Here
U17-(2001 Player) Born 1/1/01-12/31/01 Register Here
U18-(2000 Player) Born 1/1/00-12/31/00 Register Here
U19-(1999 Player) Born 1/1/99-12/31/99 Register Here
Age U4/U5:
Play Dates: Saturday, September 9th, 16th, 30th, October 7th, 21st,  28th, November 4th and possibly either Sunday, September 17th or October 1st.
Age U6-U13:  

Play Dates: Saturday, September 9th, 16th, 30th, October 7th, 21st,  28th, November 4th and either Sunday, September 17th or October 1st.

Official jerseys to be worn in the Recreational NYSA league.  2 piece jersey set  (white for home/green for away) are available at Play It Again Sports, located at 2203 West Main  in Norman, for a total cost of $30 plus tax.  ANY PLAYER NOT IN OFFICIAL UNIFORM WILL BE NOT BE GIVEN PLAYING TIME ON NYSA FIELDS.
Recreational Soccer Overview

Cost is:
$70 for U4's and U5's
$80 for U6's-U10's
$85 for U11's-U15's
$90 for U16's-U19's
(late fee will apply if past deadline)
The NYSA recreational program is intended to promote youth soccer through participation, player development, friendship, and fun. Players participate in one practice a week and eight games throughout the season. Players receive at least 50% playing time during games.* Team sizes are limited to ensure adequate playing opportunity. Our goal is to develop players so they will continue to enjoy soccer and be successful at it.
Your registration fee goes towards individual player insurance, park maintenance (goals, field markings, mowing, nets, corner flags, trash collection and removal on game days, etc.) referees for appropriate age groups, NYSA recreational and office staff.