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Club Information

How do I register for a program?

Registration In order to register to play in a program (recreational soccer, competitive soccer, etc), you need to locate the program on our website under the appropriate title and follow the link (using gotsport) and enroll you player for the current season.

How much does it cost to play recreational soccer?

Registration is $72.50 per season and each player will need a reversible NYSA jersery (available at Soccer Shop next door to NYSA office), shin guards, soccer cleats (not footbal or baseball), and a ball.

How are teams formed?

Recreational teams are formed by teams returning together, volunteer coaches returning with several players and players being added to their team, or teams being formed by new players. It all depends upon the enrollment of each session and the size of the team being formed. We depend ENTIRELY on volunteer coaches so practices will depend upon their schedule and availability. WE CANNOT MAKE a "truman" or "mckinley" team or any other particular school. It completely depends on the number of kids, schools represented, coaches available, and late enrollment

Can we play with friends?

Yes if you turn in a buddy form or a friendship team form you can can be grouped with people you know.Buddy forms require a school you would like to be grouped with if possible. Friendship team forms require a coach and will practice where that coach has chosen. We ATTEMPT to group players together by schools, but often times there are not enough players at a school to form a complete team. We CANNOT guarantee you will be placed on a team from a particular school since enrollment is always changing.

Where will we practice?

Teams will practice at a Norman public school, park, or OU location in order to be covered by the club insurance. The practice time and location will be determined by the coach of each team. We CANNOT provide certain practice times/locations for players and cannot transfer team placement due to this issue. In order to have your particular practice needs met, you will need to volunteer as coach so you can determine these issues.

Who will coach my child?

ALL coaches for the recreational division are volunteer parents! We need coaches every season to return and sign up to begin coaching. We recruit through the registration process and when we have teams that do not have coaches we begin calling the parents of the players on that team. If we cannot find a coach for a team, we are forced to disband that team. We rarely have to do this, but do send emails and follow up with phone calls in order to provide each team with a coach. We will provide support and training for our volunteers so please sign up or call for information.

What do I have to do in order to be a recreational coach?

All of our coaches are volunteers so just mark your player's registration form (on gotsport while registering) and we will contact you. We also recruit by email and phone immediately after registration closes as we're building teams. ALL of our coaches are required to pass an OSA background check paid for by the club in order to coach a team. This is a mandatory of all volunteers and coaches in our club.