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Fury 02 Hooker

Last Updated: 11/19/12 1:56pm


 Practices are Tuesdays and Thursday @ 6:00pm till 7:30 on field 2


Some quick notes for the Season

Fury Girls outscored their opponents 40-20 :with a 2-1 ratio on goals for and against.

They never allowed more than 2 goals in any contest on the season.

They were undefeated in 8v8 play. With 2 different championship trophies to show.

The finished their first year in 11v 11 play 3-7-2. With no shame, because 5 of those losses came from either 01 teams or Top 3 teams in their state.




Fury 02 vs. Solar Dynamo

This would be a top 2 team in Texas as rankings go. On paper and according to NTX forum this game should have been a Dynamo dominated game. But the girls from Oklahoma would have none of that. They would allow a quick goal early in contest but the defense would play lights out after that in this one. Not allowing another goal in the contest. Jamie, Ashton, Kenzey and Emerson laced up there cleats this game very tightly and left the Dynamo strikers clueless. About midway thru the first half Kam and Aby were both committed for a ball and without either of them seeing the other, ran into one another and would prove costly for the Fury. Aby left the collision with a contusion over the eye that would cause her to remain on the bench the remainder of game. Even with the loss of another important player this Fury team showed no quit. Just after half time they would capitalize on a free kick by Avery H with a lob over the defense that put Gabryll in behind the defense to tie the contest at 1-1. This game would end that way even with a few late pushes by both teams. The Fury girls would leave this field knowing they belonged in this division and can compete with anyone who steps on the field.

Fury 02 vs. Blitz United

The game was against the Blitz from Tulsa however they would have some help from the OFC soccer club, with a few late additions. This possibly proved the difference. Coach Hooker would say this was the most frustrating game of the day because he felt our team was better and should have won the game. Aby would come back and play in the next  two games with a face that would embody the teams heart, beaten but not out. About midway thru first half a breakdown in the defense allowed the Blitz /OFC player  a split and a quick second later the Fury girls found themselves down 1-0 again. The girls from Norman would have more opportunities throughout the game with Gabryll having one on one with goalie and the goalie guessing right and making a remarkable few saves. The final score would be 2-0, the only problem was that now the team from Norman was not content losing close. They knew they could have done better against this top competitor.

Fury 02 vs. Solar Gio

Late in the evening the team would play their final game of the tournament. Tired and full of cake from celebrating Kam’s 11th  birthday just hours before. They would take the field against this once again top 5 Texas team who had won the Plano labor tourney gold division. This team would have a deeper bench and that might have proved to be the difference. Just a few short minutes into game they struck in the heart of the defense. Their short aggressive passes that started from the back had moved to goal were effective. The Fury would not back down and forced a few of their own, once again with great saves by the Gio goalie and aggressive defense on their part would keep the Fury girls out of the goal for the game. The Avery’s  or (BOO-BOO and Honey) would have great games and battle the entire game in midfield against this quick passing team. A late save on the line by Kenzey and a few great saves by goalie Caton would keep the score in reach, at 2-0. The Fury girls would walk off the field with a 0-2-1 record in tournament but know they had competed against the best of the best and will never be considered a second tier team again.




September 16, 2012 OPL league game #3


This Sunday was as nice as you could ask for in mid-September. The Fury girls would rematch there last Saturday opponents, which scored 2 goals against them. With co-captain Jaime missing the game, Co-captain Skylar would be asked to fill her shoes at the mid center-back position. Avery would play the entire game at midfielder and both players would show that they truly are complete soccer players. Midway thru first half Avery would find her range at the 18 mark and hit the net, top shelf. The girls from Tulsa were not going to lose nicely though even with her shirt being pulled Mia would over and over again shut the forwards for TSC down and de-ball them. Kam, in front of her grandparents, found the big rectangle twice in the game. This day belonged to the Fury girls with another shutout 4 to 0.  



September 15,2012 OPL league game #2


The game was played at the ESC  soccer fields in front of an awaiting crowd for the rematch of the championship game of the Beat the Heat. The game that gave the Fury girls gold. It would prove that nothing had changed since their first meeting and the girls in black and green  would still prevail. Early in the game Skylar would take a bouncing ball going out of bounds and turn it to the other side of the field to Alex who was waiting to pounce and put the Fury up 1 to 0. There were several nice crosses from Kam that the forwards and Midfielders narrowly missed. But after waiting patiently Gabby put on her goal scoring face and took on the challenge to make it 2 to 0. The Fury girls never looked back with a few runs late in the game the backline held strong, Jamie and Ashton would show their toughness and help finish the game with a shut-out.


September 8,2012 OPL League game #1


This was the start of the 02 Fury season to a new designed OPL league. They would play the TSC Lewis team and have fun doing it. The game was controlled by the team from Norman from the start. Gabby got started in the first half with 3 goals and the Fury was leading at half 3 to 1. In the second half Alex mixed it up and added to the tally. Then with no surprise from the parents who watch, defender Kenzie was given her chance at forward and made the best of it, putting one up herself. She made it her mission and wouldn't stop till it was complete. After a goal, from the TSC team from other side of half that took a huge bounce forward and into the goal, the final score was 6 to 2. The Fury girls started the season off on the right foot, literally.


August 19, 2012 Beat the Heat-Day Two

This day would start early but prove to be a long and glorious day for the Fury girls. The day started with an opening game of 7:30am against the OFC Red team. The Fury came out ready and eager. They continued with the scoring opportunities, but this time connecting with 3 goals in the game. Aby had two goals in the game. One from a nice assist from Alex.


Fresh off of success,  they would play the OFC black team. This would prove to be their biggest challenge of the tournament. With an early score and keeping possession of the ball for the first half, the team had no idea what was to come. With about 10 minutes left in a shortened game the OFC black team slipped one past two defenders and the team had allowed their first goal of the tournament. Once the OFC black scored that goal they seemed to awaken and have more success against the Fury. The last 10 minutes were played in a frenzy from both sides trying not to go to PK’s. With the shortened game and no extra period’s that is where were headed. First up was the OFC black team who made their first try against Caton. She would regroup and carry the team where they wanted to go. The Fury first striker Emerson just narrowly missed her shot. After Caton guessed right and blocked the next striker, Skylar stood tall and confident in her ability. Nothing but net, after Caton delivered again Aby would have her chance to make it 2-1 with 2 left. It was pretty to see, she looked right but went left, the girls were so excited. The next striker for OFC would make a shot no keeper could stop, but that didn’t shake Kam’s swag. She stepped up to the line knowing she would make it and with a perfect kick to the corner she had. The Fury girls now had 3 goals to 2 with one striker left for both teams. With Jaime sitting in the hole waiting for her turn, Caton put the team on her back and delivered the win. She took the high shot and deflected it over the goal. The girls had a pause waiting on the referee to confirm the results, they wouldn’t change the fact that the Fury 02 girls had won the game and were headed to the Championship.


The girls would continue their gauntlet of OFC that day and would face the OFC White team for the championship. Both teams were tired from playing earlier in the day. The Fury had played two games and the OFC White played one. The game was close at half 1 to 1. The Fury girls had two goals called back for late whistles of off-sides. Knowing they were so close to breaking the game wide open that is exactly what they did in the second half. Kamden and Gabby took control and delivered 3 more to bring a total tally of 4 to 1. Finally this team broke thru and had gold around their necks. At the award ceremony Coach Dustin Hooker challenged the girls telling them this is not the end and we will continue to get better. Aby announced her teammates with excitement and the girls celebrated a great start to the year. FURY 02 CHAMPIONS BEAT THE HEAT



August 18,2012    Beat The Heat-Day One

The fury 02 girls started their Competitive careers with a thunderous boom when an impressive storm preceded their efforts. The team’s 10am game was postponed after a wicked storm moved thru the Edmond area. The first game of their tournament would be delayed 30 min and all games for the tournament were shortened to make sure to get all games in. Their first game against the OFC gold team didn’t produce a lot of scoring but was dominated by the Fury girls. The ball was passed with purpose and scoring opportunities were plentiful . Fury Girls won the game 1 to 0 to start their competitive season on the right track.

Player Profiles


2012 Beat the Heat U11 Gold Division

Tournament Champions 


2012 U-11 Fall OPL League Champions


Coach Dustin Hooker

Phone:  479-659-4353




Manager Corinne Nelson

Phone: 405-640-6204






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Name # Pos
Alexandra Baker 19 Forward
Mia Hall 11 Defender
Jamie McGinnis 13 Defender
Kathryn Moore 99 Defender
Elisabeth Nelson 3 GoalKeeper
Abigail O'Neal 12 Midfielder
Gabryell Odetayo 16 Forward
Kamdyn Pfeifer 1 Forward
Skylar Revas 36 Midfielder
Avery Seger 15 Midfielder
Ashton Seratte 23 Defender
Kenzie Williams 22 Defender