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Official NYSA Rules for Small Sided Games:

City Of Norman Parks With Soccer Goals

HOME team will wear WHITE jerseys.

 AWAY team will wear GREEN jerseys.

There may only be 2 coaches per team on the player and coaches side of the field. All coaches must have a background check passed through gotsoccer in order to coach and be on coaching sidelines.

Playing Time

All recreational players get 50% playing time in each game (including tournaments) except in special circumstances related to unexcused absences from practice or arriving at the game after play has started.

U5-U12 NYSA Add a Player Rule

Teams may add a player when they are down by a score of 5 points or more. Another player may be added when down by 8 points or more. Number of players must go back down when getting back within the same parameters (ex. when score returns to down 7 you will go back to only one extra player, and down 4 you will go back to the starting amount of players.

City of Norman Parks with Soccer Goals