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Program Information

U5 and U6 Coaches - Please call in your scores

We would like the coaches to report the scores for this age group so they can be used for seeding purposes in the Spring. After your game is over please meet with the other coach to agree on the final score. We would then like the winning coach to call in and report the score. Below are instructions.

You will need your game number which is located on the schedule and the event id and 4 digit pin. The only thing that will change each week is your game number.

Call 904-758-0875
Event ID 48352
4 Digit Pin 1111

Recreational Information

Recreational Registration Now CLOSED

We are accepting wait list/late enrollment as we have space in each age division.  

As a reminder, please use individual usernames and passwords when registering. Family accounts will not allow you to fully register your players and may cause registration errors in the future. Thank You, NYSA Staff

Age U4:  Season begins - September 12th
 * All dates and times are listed under the U4 link below

Age U5-U12:  Season begins -September 12th

*Play dates are Sept. 12th, 19th, 26th, Oct. 3rd, 24th, 31st, Nov. 7th
* Two Sunday dates: Sept. 20th and Sept 27th (You only play on one and games will begin at 1pm) 
*No games on October 10th due to Fall Break

Official jerseys to be worn in the Recreational NYSA league.  2 piece jersey set  (white for home/green for away) are available at The Soccer Shop -     573-0066.  ANY PLAYER NOT IN OFFICIAL UNIFORM WILL BE NOT BE GIVEN PLAYING TIME ON NYSA FIELDS.
Recreational Soccer Overview -

Cost is $55 for U4's, $75 for recreational ages U5-12 (late fee will apply if past deadline)
The NYSA recreational program is intended to promote youth soccer through participation, player development, friendship, and fun. Players participate in one practice a week and eight games throughout the season. Players receive at least 50% playing time during games.* Team sizes are limited to ensure adequate playing opportunity. Our goal is to develop players so they will continue to enjoy soccer and be successful at it.

Age Chart for 2015/16  Age Chart

U-04 ('12 player) 08/1/11-07/31/12 Register Here
U-05 ('11 player) 08/1/10-07/31/11 Register Here
U-06 ('10 player) 08/1/09-07/31/10 Register Here
U-07 ('09 player) 08/1/08-07/31/09 Register Here
U-08 ('08 player) 08/1/07-07/31/08 Register Here
U-09 ('07 player) 08/1/06-07/31/07 Register Here
U-10 ('06 player) 08/1/05-07/31/06 Register Here
U-11 &12 ('05 & '04 player) 08/1/03-07/31/05 Register Here

U-13 & 14 ('03 & '02 player)

Traveling Recreational League

08/1/01-07/31/03 Register Here
U-15 & 19 ('01, '00, '99, '98, '97,      player) Traveling Recreational League 08/1/96-07/31/01 Register Here

Birth certificate verification required of all players.

All players that do not have the "verified by NYSA" on their profile or new players to the club must bring, mail, or email a copy of their birth certificate to the NYSA office.  Players registering in the office will not be registered without a b/c-players registering online will not be rostered until the b/c is verified in the office.  REFUNDS will not be given to players that cannot produce a birth ceritifcate.


Buddy forms are for two players that wish to play together-they must be in the same age division and indicate a school they would like to be near. IF three or more friends wish to play together, they will need to complete friendship team form request and provide a coach.


Friendship forms are for players who will provide a coach-they do not need to be a full team and we can add kids from that school or surrounding schools. Current teams are required to turn in a friendship form to confirm their teams or add players. Friendship Teams will be placed in the top bracket for their age division. Use the form appropriate for your players age group using the current age chart for the season.

List of City of Norman Parks with Soccer Goals

Scholarships are available by bringing proof of Norman Public School free/reduced lunch from school to the NYSA office. You must have a 2015-2016 Free/Reduced Lunch form.  Or a form that looks like this... click here

Registration fee must be paid at time of enrollment (U4 - $25 free, $40 reduced; U5-U12 - $35 free, $55 reduced; U13-U18 - $45 free, $65 reduced).  Birth certificates (if not verified by club) will be required at that time. Refunds or credits are not give after enrollment of player-NPS letter must be presented before enrollment.   

There will be a $10 withdrawal fee before the registration deadline to cover online fees incurred by club per player-NO refunds after the season begins. ONLY a parent may request a refund and it must be received by the NYSA office at  by the appropriate date.

 PLEASE remember coaches pick the day, time, and practice location for their team. Requests to play together are subject to approval and are not guaranteed. NYSA’s ability to satisfy the play together requests will also depend on the numbers and combinations of players signed up in each area for each age group