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RT's Striker/Keeper Camp

Group Schedule

  Mon Tues Wed Thurs
GK 1 Ashlyn  Parker  Ashlyn  Andy 
Field 9S        
GK 2 Parker  Ashlyn  Andy  Ashlyn 
Field 9N        
GK 3 Lauren  Marcus  Jason   Parker 
Field 11W        
GK 4 Jason  Andy  Parker  Marcus 
Field 9W        
GK 5 Andy  Jason  Marcus  Lauren 
Field 9E        
(1) Boys Adam K Ade  Scott  Hayden 
Field 14E        
(1) Girls  Lindsay  Jeremy H Lauren  Sophia 
Field 14W        
(2) Boys Ade  Adam K Matt T Jeremy V
Field 5W        
(2) Girls  Jeremy H Lindsay  Jordyn  Ciara 
Field 5E        
(3) Boys Adam B Trevor  Adam K Ade 
Field 6NW        
(3) Girls  Sophia  Jordyn  Lindsay  Tatiane 
Field 6NE        
(4) Boys  Scott  Jeremy V Matt Y Matt T
Field 7SW        
(4) Girls  Jordyn  Brea  Sophia  Lindsay 
Field 7SE        
(5) Boys Jeremy V Matt T Adam B Matt Y
Field 6SE        
(5) Girls  Tatiane  Lauren  Trevor  Jeremy H
Field 6SW        
(6) Boys  Hayden  Matt Y Jeremy V Trevor 
Field 7NE        
(6) Girls Ciara  Sophia  Tatiane  Brea 
Field 7NW        
(7) Boys  Marcus  Adam B Hayden  Scott 
Field 11E        
(7) Girls) Matt T Ciara  Brea  Jordyn 
(8) Boys  Matt Y Hayden  Ade  Jason 
Field 10NE        
(8) Girls Brea  Tatiane  Ciara  Adam B
Field 12W        
(9) Boys  Trevor  Scott  Jeremy H Adam K
Field 12E        
Sponsored by Brown-O'Haver Adjusters For The Insured

Brown-O'Haver Adjusters For The Insured

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Brown-O'Haver is a World Cup sponsor for the 2017 Striker/Keeper Camp!

Brown-O'Haver - locally owned in MOORE, OK. Have you been impacted by this storm season or had unfortunate fire loss or water damage in your home? If so, it's not too late to get paid more on your insurance claim. Don't settle for a LOW payout. Brown-O'Haver, working for YOU, not the insurance company to get the FULL and FAIR value of your insurance claim. (405) 735-5510

Sponsored by TSET Healthy Living Program

TSET Healthy Living Program

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The TSET Healthy Living Program is a World Cup sponsor for the 2017 Striker/Keeper Camp!

The TSET Healthy Living Program is a community-based program dedicated to assisting schools, afterschool programs, workplaces, and communities in Cleveland County with their sustainable efforts to reduce tobacco use and promote physical activity and nutrition. Our mission is to improve environments in our community by influencing social norms and creating a culture of health. (405) 912-3581

Sponsored by Eskimo Sno

Eskimo Sno

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Eskimo Sno is a sponsor for the 2017 Striker/Keeper Camp!