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Premier Youth Development League


The Premier Youth Development League (PYDL) is for U8-U10 Academy teams only.  Teams must participate in their clubs academy
program to participate  in the league. 
To provide the best development platform for Youth Academy players. 
To encourage and promote player development by organizing a league for healthy competition.             

Fall 2016 Play Dates:

Aug 27th, 28th

Sep 10th, 11th

Oct 1st, 15th, 29th

Nov 5th

Some Norman in-house games will be scheduled for the Friday before the play dates.


League Cost $450
$300 performance bond required (*this will not be deposited unless teams do not show for a game, suspended for misconduct, or leave  excess trash after their games).
8 game season – Games will be played at Gillis-Rother Soccer complex in Norman, unless otherwise schedule by outside clubs.
Playing Format: 
U8 –  5v5
U9/U10 – 7v7

*There is a 5 goal differential in the games*
Reschedule Policy:  Once season has begun teams will be allowed 2 reschedule requests. Schedule requests must be made by the Sunday evening before the following weeks game.  Coaches must both agree and submit 2 reschedule dates.  You may reschedule games to Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday evenings or Saturday/Sunday depending on field/ref availability. Emails must be submitted to with both coaches emails attached.
Code of Conduct for Premier Youth Development League
This Code of Conduct has been developed to clarify and define standards of professional, ethical, and moral behavior from coaches, parents and players participating in the Premier Youth Development League ("PYDL"). PYDL members should familiarize and uphold with the mission and vision of the Premier Youth Development League ("PYDL"). PYDL members are required to conduct themselves in a professional, respectful and ethical manner at all times.  Negative language, attitudes or undermining others for personal gain are considered detrimental to a healthy and productive environment and will not be tolerated. PYDL members are responsible for knowing and adhering to the principles set forth in this Code of Conduct and for raising questions if uncertain about PYDL policy. PYDL takes seriously the standards set forth in the Code of Conduct. Violations to the Code of Conduct are cause for disciplinary action up to and including removal from the league and forfeiture of the performance bond.