Coaching this level takes knowledge and commitment on the part of the coach-you will need a manager to assist you with other issues since the teams are large and travel. You must pass a background check like any coach in the club so we can attach you to a team. IF you are bringing a friendship team, all players need to register by the deadline. We have players waiting for a team and we cannot hold opening for players and we WILL NOT bump out players because of late or players recruited late by coaches. You can go through our website-left menu-links to go to the Oklahoma Soccer  Association    They schedule your games and basically run your league, but we will assist you in any way we can. Below is a short list of items they require.



Required Reading of Coaches

All coaches need to go to  the schedules and standing on the left menu/click on OSA Traveling Recreational League. THIS PAGE IS VERY IMPORTANT. It contains contact information for other coaches/clubs, schedules, dates, and forms.

1. TEAM INFORMATION for SCHEDULING FORM TEAM should be completed as soon as you decide to coach.  DUE BY AUGUST 19TH TO THE  OSA SOCCER OFFICE

2. Coaches will turn into OSA  "blackout your dates"-It is due in OSA office by  their posted date.

Here is the updated "Procedure for Postponement and Reschedule of Games" from the ORL Policies:

A. If the COMPLEX is closed because of inclement weather or field conditions, the home team shall notify the opposing coach or manager as soon as possible that the game has been postponed.

Failing to notify the opposing coach or manager could result in the game being declared a
forfeit for his/her team. The home team will notify the visiting coach by 2 of 3 methods to count as notification. Those methods are by Email, Phone Call or Text Message.
1. Coaching conflicts will be avoided as much as possible when scheduling but no promises can be made. This is especially applicable to coaches who have more than two teams in ORL. Teams are encouraged to have qualified assistant coaches available whenever possible.
2. Rescheduling Games
a. Both coaches must agree to have a game rescheduled. The game must be rescheduled within seven days of the postponement.
b. Rescheduling games will be subject to the Home team's Club Reschedule Policy. NYSA requires a Monday NOON notice for the upcoming weekend. 
c. It is NOT anticipated that the season end dates will be extended and determination for this will be the sole discretion of the RLOC.
d. Teams attending a USYS sanctioned tournament will receive a
guaranteed postponement/reschedule of any league games scheduled during the tournament.  IF this does not fall within the Monday notice required by NYSA, the rescheduling team will pay the reschedule fee.
e. Club Schedulers will not place a rescheduled game on the schedule until they have received written agreement from both coaches. The Home team coach will provide the coaches written agreement to the Club Scheduler .