Thank you for volunteering to coach at the NYSA!! Your role in developing our young soccer players into great people and great players is vital to our oganization.

NYSA's core values are Passion, Respect, Integrity, Development and Excellence. We look for NYSA PRIDE in all members of our organization and hope you will follow and teach these key principles to our young players.

We want to work together and help each other throughout the stages of these players soccer lives. Please click on your appropriate age group below for coaching guidelines and help.

Best of Luck and Have Fun!!

City of Norman Parks with Soccer Goals

Quick Tips for New Coaches

  1. Make having FUN the #1 priority, make DEVELOPMENT the #2 priority, and make winning not a priority.
  2. Rotate your players through all positions. Talents seen in young players might not be the ones that are best when that player gets a little older
  3. Praise your players when they do the things you want to see and have the players praise themselves
  4. 4. Before the season starts set some ground rules with parents and players on your team

Below is some other info we would like for you to look through for help and general knowledge.

Medical Information for Coaches

City of Norman Parks with Soccer Goals or city of norman website Click here      Looking for additional practice place you can check out Farm Club-Sports Training Center at    They have fields (various sports) you can rent indoor or outdoor space for extra practices/scrimmages etc. 

**Important Information, jersey color, sides of field, length of game, ball size, etc.  Click link below