NEW Competitive Scholarship Program-The scholarship program for competitive players will be on a need basis only. The application must be completed and turned into the NYSA office by the deadline of NOON JUNE 5. ALL SCHOLARSHIP FORMS REQUIRE TAX VERIFICATION OF APPLICANT FAMILY'S INCOME. All applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified by email of their award or decline status. The scholarships apply toward club fees ONLY. All players are responsible for the cost of their uniforms and team fees (tournaments, coach expenses, etc.).Players that apply and are not awarded a scholarship will be notified by email and therefore be responsible for registering online and paying full club fees.
Scholarship Breakdown is listed below:
Full Scholarships will require a registration fee of $40 upon entry and in January with a $80 fall fee (due Oct.1) and $80 spring fee (due March 1) All players will be required to register online and attach a form of payment (credit/debit card).
Partial Scholarships will require a $120 fee upon entry in the system and monthly payments of $80 will be discounted to $40 per month from August until May.
ALL SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS are required to perform volunteer hours for the club during the during the year and hours will be tracked by the NYSA office. Failure to complete the hours required will result in ineligibility for the player for future scholarhips in any division. Full scholarship awards require 8 hours and partial scholarship awards require 4 hours. The majority of these hours will be served during tournament weekends at the NYSA complex ex: Classic Cup, Soccerfest, Orange leaf, or NYSA Madness tournaments. These tournaments are recreational, academy and competitive and we will work with you so you do not miss your team games in order to fulfill your time. Emails before each tournament will go out to players and parents (younger player's need parent to fulfill thier time requirements) for them know what is required and when so they can accept/decline the request. The office will then track each player's time until it is fulfilled-notice will be sent to players lacking time and informing them of upcoming events so they can clear their calendars.

Competitive Monthly Fees will be applied towards: Staff/Directors
Coach's Pay
Goal Keeper Coaching
Club Equipment
Assistant Coaches
Coaching Education
Field Development
Field Turf usage and maintenance