The Striker/Keeper camp is intended for competitive level player’s boys and girls ages 11- 19 who are looking to develop and enhance specific skills to their overall game. By mixing the strikers and goalkeepers together and running activities at the same time, we are able to offer more game-realistic situations and competition. This environment allows both attacking player and goalkeeper instruction simultaneously and creates a realistic environment for player development. The curriculum will be demanding and will push every player to improve their technique, but also fun and enjoyable!
Focusing on the Attacking Camp The Attacking field player portion will be led by Ryan Trudgian. His activities will focus on one of the most exciting aspects of the game: creating chances and the art of finishing. This is not just for forwards; it is for any player on the field who wants to improve their attacking skills. Small group sessions are set up to challenge individuals in repetitive game situations where attacking players need to excel: long distance shooting, combination play, 1v1’s, turning and shooting in the box, crossing and finishing, and striker movement. Attacking players will learn different finishing techniques, such as; off the dribble, volleys, heading etc
The Goalkeeper Camp portion will be led Andy Fitzpatrick. Using our development based curriculum the Goalkeeper Camp is the ideal system for goalkeepers who want to train and improve their skills in stopping shots, intercepting crosses, footwork/ mobility, and distribution skills. Integration of the keepers in the activities will be vital when improving their technique in the competitive game situations.